The “IAB Denmark” brand is held by the Danish media association “Danske Medier“, who has the official status as a national IAB. The same model is used by BVDW in Germany, INMA in Norway, and SPIR in the Czech Republic.

IAB Denmark is not a separate organisation from Danske Medier, but we use the brand in many relations for convenience, e.g. a lot of international companies seeks out the national IAB in all markets they operate in for guidance on national regulation.

We represents close to 300 Danish media companies including all private newspapers, weeklies, magazines, and radios. Furthermore several media and advertising related companies are associated members such as: Adform, AppNexus, AudienceProject, Leeads, Relevant etc.

Our organisation has 17 employees  who organize around annual 20 events , publish guidelines and standards, conduct market research, offer legal guidance to members and represent the media industry towards policy makers and authorities.

On the international level we are represented on the board of IAB Europe and actively participating in most of the european committees and attend all relevant events and meetings.

Office Address:

IAB Denmark
c/o Danske Medier
Skindergade 7
DK-1159 Copenhagen K

Contact person:

Allan Sørensen, Head of Digital
Mail: as@danskemedier.dk
Phone: +45 3397 4281